Saturday, March 21, 2015

IFDA Select returns for The AD Home Show with hand-picked judges who name Best In Show in many categories

IFDA SELECT is back at it again utilizing their bevy of 
industry experts and designers 
this time to walk the 
Architectural Digest Home Show 
and honor Best In Show in many categories. 
It was a busy weekend with both the AD show and the adjoining 
Diffa's Dining by Design both happening simultaneously.  
Please take a look at the brands honored 
with awards and in various categories below:

Decorative Accessories:
Zelouf & Bell Decorative Screen                   
Product: Branch Screen Booth: 309
Judge interior designer, Julie Schuster
Hand Cut Marquetry – made of 5,000 year old bog oak – creating a natural wood horizon. Limited edition of three. The screen will be featured “playing with tradition” in Dublin Castle.
Innovative Booth Design:                   
Brendan Ravenhill, Calico Wallpaper &
Booth Name: “Black Metal”              
Chen Chen + Kai Williams Collaboration
Judge, Interior designer, Andrea Brodfuehrer            
This year’s AD Home Show features a spectacular array of exhibitors and innovative product but the “Black Metal” booth immediately drew me in and kept on pulling me back. Collaborations between artisans are an age-old practice but it’s a rare privilege to experience such cohesive excellence. Calico’s wallpaper creates an explosive backdrop for Ravenhill and Chen Chen + Kai Williams’ designs. The individual products are articulated like object matter in the space – everything is concurrently clear, electric and magnetic. The natural science of product display at this level is pure innovation!           
BlueStar Refrigerator
Product: BlueStar full size refrigerator (new product)
Judge: Interior Designer, Gregory Allan Cramer
Stainless steel interior and built in ice maker. 
This new product will be in production in Iowa, this year.
Delah Brucilli
Product: Beneath the Surface Booth: M24
Judge: interior designer, Catarine Wright
I love the free forms created by allowing the paint to run freely on the canvas. Delah’s sensibility in color is superb and each viewer feels the freedom in their own particular way. 
Artistic Tile
Product: Kauri
Judge interior designer, Stacy Garcia
Beautiful interpretation of petrified wood. Unique colors and pattern. Inspired by wood found only in New Zealand. Glazed and highly polished porcelain tiles showcase an updated high-design wood-like pattern.
Wall Coverings:
Michele Varian
Booth: #203
Judge: design agent, Dwayne Clark
Michele Varian is a domestically made textile and wall coverings manufacturer based in NYC. She is looking to diversify her exposure into showrooms and to the trade nationally and internationally.
Product: “Desire” (Small Settee with Hammered Bronze Frame) Booth: 600
Judge: journalist, Hermine Mariaux
Very graceful beautiful design. Unusual scale – handsome handcrafted frame.
Good story: the settee appeared in “50 Shades of Gray” the movie.
Brizo Rook Faucet
Judge:  interior designer, Claudia Tejeda
Product: Rook Faucet
Original use of mixed metal
David D’Imperio
Judge: interior designer, Deborah Martin
The architectural elements of this lighting fixture resonated with me. It features LED technology coupled with an anodized finishing process of the aluminum material it is made of. Designed and fabricated by former graphic designer and art director who left his job to do this. The fixture as lots of dimensionality and suspended over a long dining room table would look like a piece of jewelry. It’s faceted aspects reflect light beautifully.
Lance Wovens
Product: Woven Leathers
Judge: interior designer Andrea Algaze          
Lance Wovens 30 year-old company that has evolved their product into new fresh applications. Leathers made, dyed, washed in Italy and custom hand woven. Maybe used for many applications: pillows, rugs, wallcovering and upholstery.

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  1. What a great show! I'm so proud to have been part of the panel and spreading the love!