Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A lovely evening spent at the New York School of Interior Design viewing a historic interiors exhibit

This guest post written by
Susan Hirsch
IFDA NY Vice President Educational Foundation
photographs by Tamara Stephenson

March 11--IFDA NY members turned out for an evening at the New York School of Interior Design to view a rich exhibit of curated historical New York Interiors.  HAVIFDA Educational Foundation’s winner of the 2014 Ina Mae Kaplan Grant for Historic Preservation helped to create 
Rescued, Restored, Reimagined
New York’s Landmarked Interiors 
this is the untold story of NYC's landmark interiors.  Iconic spaces such as the Chrysler Building and Grand Central Terminal are showcased, but even some lesser known interiors as well. Like no other exhibit before, this illustrates the importance of interior design as an archive of New York's design history.

David Sprouls, president of the New York School for Interior Design,  thanked the IFDA Educational Foundation on March 11 for the Ina Mae Kaplan Grant for Historic Preservation which underwrote the exhibit. The exhibit features an in depth look at 117 interior land marked spaces, highlighting the 50th anniversary of the New York City Landmark Preservation Law. Sprouls gave an overview of the exhibit which features archive images and new photography by Larry Lederman.  The New York Chapter of the IFDA was pleased to view this exhibit in this private format, and to see up-close images of these rare and historic interior spaces. 
The exhibit is on display until April 24, 2015.
Barbara Hirsh, David Sprouls, Liz Kogen, Su Hilty
 Andrea Lillo of HFN with IFDA board member Su Hilty
IFDA NY board members Julie Schuster and Rose Ott
glimpses of some of the interiors featured in the exhibit...

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