Tuesday, September 3, 2019

MEET OUR MEMBER COLUMN- Introducing Lisa Walker Brown

Happy September
Let's Get To Know
Member Lisa Walker Brown,
Chief Operating Officer
Everick Brown Designs
With a Little Question & Answer Session...  
What inspires you day in and day out? 
I’m inspired by the artistic climate. There seems to be an electricity in the air around being independent and creating your own path.  Today, I am particularly inspired and excited about seeing more people of color represented in the world of art and design - in museums, in magazines and media, on corporate boards and on panels. Diversity is finally being seen as an asset. That inspires me to keep soaring. 

What do you do?
I am a partner and COO at Everick Brown Design (Everick is my husband) and Co-Founder of Objects & Accents, our home décor accessory business. O&A is in retail stores in Los Angeles, Cliff Young Showroom at 200 Lex. and is a turnkey service for interior designers finalizing projects or prepping for photo shoots. 

Why are you great at it?
I grew up in Los Angeles and was surrounded by artists living creatively, whether it was visual arts or production. It seems everyone in LA is connected to the arts and entertainment industry one way or another, my family is no exception. Additionally, my grandfather, an artist, opened the first art gallery in LA owned by an African American so I’ve been surrounded by art and artists my entire life. I think what makes me great is my ability to connect with people and help deliver their vision. Our clients come to us for the Everick Brown aesthetic and our job is to enhance their environment and bring their vision to life through that lens. 
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Why did you join IFDA? 
Because David Santi harassed me! LOL To connect with great talents and great minds in the industry. The IFDA group is made up of incredibly generous and friendly people. The mixers are terrific fun and everyone is open to help, educate and share their insight. I always feel like I can go to any member and seek advice and counsel and they want the best for me. It’s not a competitive environment. We all know there is plenty to go around and we are stronger together. 

How can we learn more about your business? 
Let’s have lunch! You can see examples of our work at everickbrown.com and check out objectsandaccents.com if you are interested in unique, artisanal home décor – we can assist in accessorizing any design project. 

Little-known fact about you?

Everick and I grew up together in Los Angeles, attending k-12 together. Then, went our separate ways to college.  We reconnected at a high-school reunion. 
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