Monday, January 15, 2018


Meet IFDA NY MEMBER, Diane Piemonte
What inspires you day in and day out? 
Design, color, proportion, and the beauty of the natural world.
What do you do?
I worked for many years in the home furnishings 
industry as a textile designer, then a design director, and ultimately VP of Creative at Revman International, a premier design and marketing firm that specializes in lifestyle merchandising fashion bedding and bath
products. I held the top design position at Revman for the first 26 years of the company. During that time, I was responsible for all product design, directing and managing the design department staff as well as working with outside resources, licensors, vendors and customers. I was also responsible for the showroom, advertising, and
public relations. In 2015, I decided it was time to explore a different way of working so that I could spend more time outside the corporate world and focus
more on my own creativity. I now work from home as a design consultant and I am happy to say that I continue to do a lot of work for Revman, but can now find some time to dedicate to my own artwork and creative pursuits as well.
Why are you great at it?
Not all talented artists are good managers (of people or of time), but I have always had an affinity for leadership and organization that helped me to build my career and succeed as a design professional at the executive level. Another important element of my success is that I have always loved creating product and find great satisfaction in
taking an idea and seeing it through to a finished product.
Why did you join IFDA?
I have been a member since I first started working in the home furnishings industry. I joined to learn more about the industry, meet other professionals, get inspired and expose myself to events and opportunities I might otherwise not encounter. I still maintain my membership to enjoy those same benefits.

How can we learn more about your business?
After only two years, I am still transitioning from having a full-time corporate career over three decades to being a self-employed design consultant, so I’m not sure there is much more to learn at this point!

Little-known fact?
Botanical illustration is my favorite subject matter for drawing and painting and I continue to take classes at the New York Botanical Garden to learn more and hone my skills.