Friday, April 17, 2020


Meet Laurie Vega
We had the opportunity to interview our member, Laurie Vega, and here's what she had to say...
What inspires you day in and day out? 
  • What inspires me as far as work is concerned is the thrill of the chase - working so hard to get the attention of an important client; hoping my efforts, knowledge and skills have raised an eyebrow.  And the feeling when it comes through. And the excitement of doing it all over again. The rush!
What do you do?
  • I am the Director of Sales for Axiom Fine Art Consulting, covering the tri-state area. My job is to connect daily with people in the interior design industry, architecture, real estate, brokers, wealth advisors, and builders and general contractors to determine the need for art for their projects.  Axiom provides art from decorative to blue chip, for the private client, hospitality and commercial. It is very important that I educate clients about our process so that they understand it is absolutely possible to have great art at any budget.

Why are you great at it?
  • Networking is such a critical part of my work.  I can say confidently that I have a gift to engage people in an instant.  I know how to work a room, light it up, make people want to know who I am and what I’ve got to offer.  I have also been a musician all my life so I am accustomed to performing and turning it on.

Why did you join IFDA? 
  • IFDA NY Chapter has a strong crew.  The team is extremely dedicated and focused on conducting incredibly productive networking events, and to stay connected with one another.  Unfortunately, there are not many worthwhile networking events in this industry and IFDA breaks the mold. I have made many connections through IFDA events and am confident it will be a constant source of referrals.
    Little-known fact?

    • Played drums & sang for a rock/blues band in the East Village in the 80s & 90s including CBGBs!