Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Our favorite Furniture Trend at Highpoint Furniture Market, Metal, Wood & Nature combined, spotted at Caracole

Furniture:  Metal, Mixed Wood & Nature Combined
And, we loved what we saw at Caracole
by Tamara Matthews-Stephenson
IFDA NY VP Communications
author of Nest by Tamara
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IFDA members were out and about at Highpoint Furniture Market, and we noted many new trends, but one notable furniture trend we saw was a unique combining of metal, mixed woods and natured together to create one-of-a-kind signature pieces.  The mixing of wood and metal was everywhere, and at furniture maker Caracole they served it up with a 1970s flair.  There were a total of 140 new pieces from Caracole this Market, but these three caught our eye instantly for their unique qualities, a blending of contemporary and traditional styles together in one piece and with this special mixing of metal and wood.
Take a look at our top three at Caracole...    
 The Extrav-Agate Hall Chest was selected by High Point Market Style Spotters as one of the top designs for Fall. Its edgy with acrylic double doors that channels agate, and the brushed metal cabinet and conical feet all work together nicely.

 Caracole’s signature glass bar, Glass Half Full is a fabulous accent piece that is flat on one end, to push against a wall. The rounded front end and glass sides (rimmed in LED lights) give it a sexy, sparkly feel.  Shown in a brushed silver finish with adjustable glass shelves and topped in stone, this makes for one fabulous  "show stopper" when entertaining!
 Caracole is known for their interesting chairs, and we all know how a special set of chairs can truly make a room shine, and this armed, signature chair caught our eye, Quit Your Metal-ing

 for more furniture and accessories visit Caracole.com 

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