Saturday, May 18, 2013

An enthusiastic turn out by the design insdustry for NYC's IFDA Take A Seat charity chair auction in Lillian August's gallery!

that's a wrap for
IFDA Take A Seat
chair auction in NYC! 
written by Tamara Matthews-Stephenson
a very special thank you to Lillian August
for hosting our charity chair auction in their beautiful gallery and showroom in NYC
located on 12 West 20th Street
 set in a well-lit gallery, and in the former Sam Flax store. 
The expansive shop is two floors and runs from 19th Street through to 20th Street, and
offers Lillian August's vast collections of furniture, accessories, lighting, rugs, fabrics
and interior design services as well.

The evening was a success for The IFDA,
and marks the end of our first international charity event (we collaborated with the Japan and California chapters).  The showroom was packed with designers, editors and design enthusiasts.  It was a special evening for all IFDA members, the designers and everyone involved.  All 24 chairs sold at auction directed by both Karl Green and Jamie Drake to an enthusiastic crowd.  We had many design brands sponsor the event, and they were given a vigorous thank you by both NY President, Jessica Tolliver and Su Hilty to the crowd just before the auction began. With the guiding leadership of Maureen Klein, a longtime IFDA member, the committee pulled all the details together in NYC while working closely with the Japan and California chapters with their concurring auctions.
we had a collaborative crew of volunteers - Thank You!
Lillian August provided an array of refreshments and bites
we were entertained with delightful music from talented musicians
Take a look at some of the evening's festivities,
and the energy in the room was invigorating:
As the chair auction proceeded, the crowd gathered around.

 candid shots with a few designers and their chairs before the auction began


 we chose a name from a raffle, 
and gave away to a lucky attendee
this pair of framed emerald green chair prints 
J. Pocker Framing in NYC

credit for all photos in this post to Miles Stephenson

Proceeds for the event will be given to three charity organizations
to assist hurricane victims,
and a full report will be up soon.
A warm thank you to all the designers
who put their talent and resources into creating the chairs! 
 stop back for more photos of the event as they come in...

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  1. It was a wonderful event and as we were holding our s in SoCal, we were thinking too of our colleagues in New York. Great team effort, everyone!