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Chairs, Chairs, Chairs- IFDA NY chapter gears up for the big chair auction and hope you'll attend and bid on a chair

Part 4:
Designer's profiles for IFDA NY Chapter
Take A Seat
written by Tamara Matthews-Stephenson
of Nest by Tamara blog

 is our first
event collaborating
with both the California and Japan chapters.
All three chapters are holding separate chair refurbishing events,
with proceeds helping Hurricane Sandy victims, 
as well as the Japan Tsunami,
and Chapter Professional Development.

 The New York event and chair auction is only a few weeks away,
and culminates on May 16 at the Lillian August Showroom in New York City. 
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profiling all the designers

a chair see at one of my design travels

 Chairs, Chairs, Chairs...
we have chairs on the mind these days

Order your tickets 
to attend 
our Take A Seat Gala Auction
Thursday, May 16, 2013
6 PM-8:30 PM
Lillian August Furnishings + Designs
12 West 20th Street
New York, NY 10011
Open to All
$20 per person
Please stop back for more updates here 
on the IFDA NY blog about our
event and follow us on 
Twitter at #IFDATakeAseat
check out our website here 
IFDA Take A Seat Facebook Wall 

Still more designs coming in as I write this --
hold the phone there are some beauties developing
with more designers in the NY Chapter working hard to up-cycle chairs
for the IFDA Take A Seat
charity chair auction
on May 16

take a look:

24. Dwayne Clark, 
 Clark Gaynor Interiors
providing comprehensive interior design and architectural services for residential, hospitality, and institutional client.  Located in Manhattan and Fairfield Connecticut.    

          Forgotten Fauteuil   
inspiration is derived from a French Fauteuil that has sustained many years on the ocean floor. The framework represents the continuation of periods styles from past to present. The stately piece is suitable for any formal or relaxed setting from one coast to the other.  

23. Scott Hohl,
Hohl Home Furnishings

Hohl has been designing and building his entire life.  An early love for wood has stayed with him throughout his career and continues to be the main material in which he works.  His work is heavily influenced by mid-twentieth century furniture. Clean and simple, Scott’s designs often have an interlocking, puzzle-like quality.

Twice Removed
Is about extending the usable life of materials.  Most products are only one step removed from a landfill. Hohl Home gives a second life by crafting pieces into something totally new, becoming Twice Removed. This piece is crafted from discarded shipping crates.  Having been used only once, for a very short time, this lumber was headed to the dump when intercepted.
Thanks: George Nakashima and James Krenov for inspiration

22. Karim Rashid
 is a prolific designer of this generation. 
Over 3000 designs in production, over 300 awards and working in over 40 countries attest to Karim's legend of design.
His award winning designs include luxury goods for Christofle, Veuve
Clicquot, and Alessi, democratic products for Umbra, Bobble, and 3M,
furniture for Bonaldo and Vondom, lighting for Artemide and Fabbian, high
tech products for Asus and Samsung, surface design for Marburg and Abet
Laminati, brand identity for Citibank and Sony Ericsson and packaging for
Method, Paris Baguette, Kenzo and Hugo Boss.

Karim Rashid's finished bench
IFDA NY is very excited to have been given one of Rashid's unique pieces in 
"recycled veneer", 
signed and offered for auction

21. Interior Designer, Stacy Garcia
Northern Lights 
 is as eye catching a piece as the natural wonder. A combination of emerald greens and metallic shimmers, the Stacy Garcia fabrics for LebaTex sparkle and shine. Dazzle in Onyx, Cassiopeia in ‘Northern Lights’, and Vamp in Ebony all align to create this star piece.  
Garcia's "before" chair

20.  Christine Baumann
owner/designer Christine Baumann Interiors, LLC
New York based interior designer with a fun super hero-inspired themed chairs
Superhero's chair: 
Tie The Golden Lasso
Two small dining side chairs to be painted in a primary red (Superman Red), and upholstered in Superman Blue with Yellow welting.  Nail heads will adorn Superman and Wonder Woman's logo on the back.  These chairs will be tied to the leg with a golden lass

Baumann's "before" chairs
Robert Allen Fabrics

19. Sara Touijer, interior designer

Touijer's "before" chair
Root Chair
 is the epitome of green design.  A re purposed, antique chair frame created a unique base for the planted concept of the chair.  Succulent plants in the seat and the moss upholstered back give the chair a creative and unexpected flair.

18. Florence Perchuk and team
Designs by Florence Perchuk

The Peacock Emporer's Throne
 originally created for a Muglai Shah in India in the 17th century, was encrusted with peacock feathers and many jewels including 
rubies, pearls and emeralds. 
It had symbolic spiritual and healing attributes of
glory, fission, royalty, spirituality, immortality,
refinement and incorruptibility. Perchuk's chair
 is an antique Chinese side chair from her own family collection, 
and she offers a modern version of the Peacock Throne
Perchuk's "before" chair

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