Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Meet Our Members, Today is Andrea Warriner

Today, please read the first of a series where we profile our members and give you a glimpse of the many talents from our community.
Introducing Andrea Warriner...

What inspires you day in and day out?
I’m often inspired by life itself, then exercise and coffee (not really an inspiration but rather a necessity to my inspirations).  I also love the work that I do as well as feeling productive, being creative, friends and family. Not in that order…

What do you do?
Because I’m so creative I have three jobs:
  • I consult for HearthCabinet™ Ventless Fireplaces – the leader in luxury ventless fireplaces – doing primarily Outreach & Marketing. I love this awesome company – its products are great and the team is terrific!

  • I also act/direct and write plays. My theatre company’s next showcase, ELLIPSES, is opening this Thursday evening at Shetler Studios and runs for two weeks. These experiences are always very exciting and fun and give me a way to express myself (with a boatload of work involved).

  • And, I’m a photographer. I am IFDA NY’s official photographer. My select photos can be seen on Instagram @andrearwarriner

Why are you great at it?
Regarding the consulting gig – I am great at that because I’m fearless, smart and persistent. And, I’m a people person, which doesn’t hurt.

As far as my acting/directing/writing endeavors – I’m great at those because of my many years of studying (I wasn’t initially a natural or good actor); I now go onstage feeling confident in my abilities. I am, however, a natural director (or so I’ve been told) and have good writing skills that somehow mysteriously work when writing plays.

In terms of my photography – I have a natural eye, compose well and just love this medium of expression.

Why did you join IFDA?
I joined IFDA upon Su Hilty's strong suggestion, and I’m so glad I did!!! It’s a great networking community – I’ve made many friends and connections here!

How can we learn more about your business?

Little-known fact?
I love binging on Netflix series.

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