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IFDA SELECTS takes ICFF By Storm, Awarding Best In Show in Ten Categories, May 2016

Today, we are fortunate to have the talent of new member Catherine Ruvolo here on the blog.  We are grateful to Catherine for her time and effort documenting our day at ICFF with IFDA Selects.   Let's give a warm welcome to Catherine as we include her with the all-volunteer core of industry talents in our New York Chapter. Please follow#IFDASelects on social media for updates.
ICFF Best in Show winners from IFDA New York Selects:
May 14-17, 2016
by Catherine Ruvolo, IFDA member

The mood was set and our senses were immediately stimulated as we entered the 28th annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair Design show. Designers, architects, retailers, manufactures, and merchandisers come to this design hub every year from all across the globe. Both veteran and inaugural booths take the stage while they show their  latest display of contemporary furniture, seating, carpet and flooring, lighting, outdoor furniture, materials, wall coverings, accessories, textiles, and kitchen and bath for residential and commercial interiors. Among the team of judges include legendary interior designers, artists, and architects. We joined forces to choose the best of the best at the show, across isles of beauty and inspiration. Follow us and tune into who we voted as "Best In Show". These designers and manufactures were one of over 500 exhibitors who débuted their latest product to the creative masses. Every inch and corner you turned hosted more and more design fuel for the soul.  
Judges included--
Rose Ott, Iliada Bass, Justin Shaulis, Amy Figueroa, Stacy Garcia, Michelle Slovak, Debbie Viola, Lisa Blecker, Catherine Ruvolo
                The winners of the 2016 ICFF Best in Show: 

Judge: Rose Ott
SHORE | Flooring and innovative Rugs
Founders Louie and Gill
This young duo is right out of the Royal College of Art in London. After graduating two years ago, they developed floor covering woven out of silicone cord (one of the most environmentally friendly products). Their products are hand woven, waterproof, UV resistant, non-slip, easy to clean, and extremely durable. Not to mention; they will turn heads of everyone who experiences them!
Judge: Amy Figueroa
GALI | compact kitchen prototype
Student Designer Ana Arana
We were gaga over this kitchen pro-type designed by Ana Arana, an Architecture and Design Student from Spain. This compact unit is not only visually interesting, but this is THE kitchen of the future. Cook top, several storage options, mini fridge, and sink all designed into one beautiful unit. She nailed this kitchen design! Judge Amy calls this winning design “creative, innovative, efficient, and compact tiny kitchen. It is amazing for single occupancy living with a very clean lined, modern feel”. Bravo Ana!
Decorative Accessories
Judge: Amy Figueroa
ADD+ | Bruno Lamoureux| ADD+ Packs
Designed to give the home furnishings world a qualitative alternative and functional décor, Add+ has redesigned and reinvented how we can live in a space. These malleable and interactive wall units allow us to limitlessly create wall units and systems.  This is a “creative, fun, custom, modern, decorative accessory that is easy to install and adds character and conversation to any space”.
Judge: Michelle Slovak
Jude | Jude Cassidy Textiles| Hand woven Irish Textiles 
This young talent left us appreciating the beauty of hand craft and attention to detail. From Saintfield, Ireland, Jude Cassidy is the voice and visionary for this luxurious, yet subtle and soft textile line. We were honored to award her Best in Textiles as this was her first appearance at ICFF. Interior Designer, Michelle truly loved the product for their “elegant hand woven, innovative combination of fibers including hand painted gold foiling”.
Judge: Lisa Blecker 
Fliepaper | By: celebrity photographer Don Flood| Astek Wallcovering
His wall coverings will truly make any wall a work of art! From Magnified beetles, iconic architectural elements, and colorful florals, Don Floods photo printed wall coverings are show-stopping. These bold designs are simply inspired by unexpected found objects, then printed during an eco-friendly process. “This L.A. artist’s work is innovative, unique, flexible, and customizable”.
Innovative Booth  
Judge: Catherine Ruvolo 
Larose Guyon | Audree Larose and Felix Guyon| Objects and Luminaires
This creative couple took their first trip from Canada to ICFF this season! Their booth gave the most minimalist, yet impactful and powerful stage to their stunning lighting and decorative objects. This cascading paper installation created the perfect moment for their trend-setting pieces.
Judge: Debbie Viola   
Frates | Doug Frates| Blown Glass
How could we not highlight this American based pattern, blown and colored glass artist? His custom, one of a kind pieces are sure to entice any viewer from all angles. Artist and judge Debbie calls these masterpieces “innovative and creative use of color, form, and pattern.  His art branches from sculptures, to shelves, to unique installations”.
Judge: Justin Shaulis
THG and Vitraform | Sink faucet and Mirror| Paris
The show was blooming with trend setting bath design and new forerunners, but TGH in Paris stole the show with their sleek and classic design in their sink, faucet, and mirror trio. Shaulis was inspired by this revolutionary piece and “aspirational luxury. The tangible price point is just one of many reasons this bath design is on trend and sophisticated brand collaboration”
Judge: Iliada Bass
Veronese Paris | YSA| Tristan Auer
We were awed by the lighting exhibits at the show, however, this piece truly inspired us. Taking the functionality of lighting to the next level, this piece is the epitome in art and function working in harmony. Iliada coins this piece best in show thanks to its “layering of textural glass in a sophisticated way. They married LED technology with classic Murano influenced techniques”.
Judge:Stacy Garcia
Suite NY |Marble Table| Angelo Mangiarotti 
We were wowed by this beauty. We adored her intriguing shape, strong presence, and clean lines. While we were catching so many glimpses of beautiful design during the show, this table took the cake. Suite NY never seizes to disappoint us! “The contract of material choice and playfulness of its design” kept us                going back for more”.
This years’ ICFF show was filled with luscious materials, inspiring designs, and trend setting concepts. We were honored to present these awards to the best in Show this year. All of their different stories and backgrounds are utterly exciting, but all come to share the common goal to captivate their audience and pave the way to an even richer design world!

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