Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Meet IFDA NY Members Column, Summer Series

IFDA NY's New Column, Meet Our Members...
This Week, Let's Get To Know Artist,
Garette Johnson of Garrott Designs

As part of our new series to support and collaborate with our IFDA NY Chapter members, we created this column. Please stop by each month to read a new profile where we will showcase the talents, interests and inspirations of our members. This week, meet Garette Johnson of Garrott Designs...
What inspires you day in and day out?
“Design Your Space, Create Yourself.” is my brand and my motivation. Empowering people explore personal expression and create spaces that make for meaningful experiences.
What do you do?
I am an artist, designer and trend analyst working in the fashion industry. I'm excited to make a pivot into the world of interior design and architecture because lifestyle and self expression is as much about our environment as our personal sense of style. I create expressive and colorful artwork for the well-curated space.
Why are you great at what you do?
Mostly because I am curious and want to see what else we can do while we're here.
Why did you join IFDA?
Well, full disclosure, I met the most amazing three ladies on a total whim at the Design Center, and that felt so ridiculously clandestine that I had to double down. I always say, “Find your Tribe.”  Since joining IFDA, I've felt as if I've found a tribe of creative shakers and doers that I just enjoy being in a room with. We lift each other up; it's awesome.
How can we learn more about your business?
I'd love to make your acquaintance at an upcoming IFDA event such as CCC. In the meantime, my website is www.garrottdesigns.com and I am on most social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest as @GarrottDesigns. You can also connect with me on LinkedIn by searching for Garette Johnson, Trend Analyst. Note that my name and the brand name are spelled differently.
More to know...
Our environments have a huge impact on our thoughts, feeling and actions. We can co-create the world around us. It's not a set of parameters but a place of discovery and play.

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