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The Third Annual Take A Seat Chair Charity Auction--The Chairs & Their Story, And All On Display at ICFF This Weekend As A Sneak Preview For Our May 27 Auction

Drum roll...
The debut of IFDA NY Chapter's 
26 Creative, Up-Cycled & Revamped Designer-Created Chairs 
donated to the 
Third Annual Take A Seat Auction & Gala on May 27th. 
Proceeds for this event will benefit Habitat For Humanity, NYC. 
With acclaimed interior designer Michael Tavano as our emcee, NYC&G our media sponsor and professional auctioneers Auctioneers Bryan McDaniel and Lee Laws from McDaniel Auction Center who will be calling the bids for the auction, we promise the evening to be festive! 
This year we are happy to note an added bonus--all 26 chairs are on display this weekend at the ICFF show at The Jacob Javits Center here in New York City.  Please stop by the IFDA NY chapter booth #3033 to see these chairs in person.  
for the Wednesday, May 27 auction & gala at 
Safavieh Home Furnishings Store at 
209 Broadway in New York City from 6:30-8:30 pm!
Safavieh Home Store
Take a look at these unique chairs and their story, all
created and donated from our generous community 
of artists and designers...
please note-all chair photography via 
Jason Hood photography
1. Lane Adeoye
Lilo means twist in Yoruba. It is inspired by abstracted forms and sculptural silhouettes from my Nigerian heritage. Interested in exploring fluid movements, the aim was to maximize the functionality of a single 
metal strip. This metal piece loops around itself to create a back rest, evolves into the frame for the actual seat, and then twists downward to form its legs.  Lilo’s sculptural aesthetic offers varying views 
from different angles. This chair was by fabricated by pinepine studio.
2. Michael Arguello
Unhinged Falls 2015 takes inspiration from French couture, Cubist, Brutalist, and contemporary art. He aimed to create a playful monochromatic sculpture using three different weaves of Italian linens to 
create depth, and texture.
3. Carly Bassen
Lipstick Lunch--Every woman marks the world in her own way.  To represent women as confident individuals she invited co‐
workers to put on lipstick and kiss the back of the chair, which was finished at the 97% female pool of decorators and seamstresses at The Fabric Mill.  Seeing everybody laughing and puckering up 
reinvented the chair more than any reupholstering job could.  The lipsticks created a belt around the chair seat.  They were donated by her closest friends and family including Grandma Marsha’s Mah Jongg group.  The variety of lipsticks shows that women with different styles can gather together as friends.  At heart we all want to flash the brightest sexiest muah smile!
 4. Allison Bassen
Curves--This chair represents her battle with breast cancer.  The channeled back has soft plump curves and each fabric represents part of her journey.  She hated losing her eyebrows and eyelashes; hence, the pink and green eyelash fabric.  The bold animal pattern represents clawing her way to fight the beast.  The bright floral print is optimism.  The black welting shows fear lurking on the edge.  The seat shows monster movie posters because surgery made her feel like a magician act gone sour. Using multiple fabrics represents the many decisions when faced with cancer.
 5. Jonathan Bressler
The Bling Seat--This ordinary, wooden dining room chair has been embellished with acrylic jewels and the seat reupholstered in velvet. The jewels are glued on in a certain configuration and then coated with a clear epoxy resin to keep them secure.
 6. Jerry Caldari
Bromley Caldari Architects is interested in solutions that resolve pertinent design, function and cost issues. They create humanistic, modern architecture -- crisp, sharp spaces defined by a 
palette of warm, natural materials.  Bromley Caldari and KNG Construction have collaborated on multiple residential and custom furniture projects since the late 1990s.
 7. Cliff Young Intern Team
Lady Vivi--The chair is bright, brilliant and colorful.  It was inspired by Lady Chiquita, First Lady of Fruit.  The team bring her richness of color and flamboyant style to a piece of furniture, an everyday essential.  Furniture doesn’t have to just be stylish and comfortable.  Great furniture can and should infuse us with well-being, enthusiasm and an improved lifestyle.  Let’s make our life happy and fruitful!
 8. Gregory Cramer
Defining Line--This Berhardt chair was primed in Benjamin Moore White and then hand-painted using artist spray paints from the Germany company Montana transforming the ordinary into a colorful and bold piece of art.  Cramer's inspiration is bold color.  Life is too short to be boring and why not liven up a space up with a healthy shot of bold, vibrant color.  The chair now stands on its own as a powerful work of art.
 9. Iris Dankner & Christopher Hyland
The Chair's Chair is an opulent Vallois chair from Artistic Frame and features a clean boxed seamed seat and a distinctive horizontal channeled back set within a delicate frame.  The chair evokes an Art Deco feel with a bold and contemporary Parisian twist. Iris and Christopher have 
upholstered the classic chair in Christopher Hyland’s Mohair Velvet in Teal. The Chairs’ Chair is the perfect blend of traditional style and modern sophistication. 
10. Vanessa DeLeon
Viva Cuba! DeLeon's Cuban roots constantly inspire her designs. Given the recent enthusiasm and interest in Cuba she felt this was the perfect theme for her chair design. The chair is reminiscent of all things Cuban. She added some bling to the frame using an eye-catching gold paint. The 
look comes together with Cuban inspired upholstery fabrics, an authentic cigar box, and a cane to hang up your hat. Sit back and relax in this unique tribute to Cuban culture.
 11. Nancy Fire
Blurred Vision is about taking something antique and melding it with something contemporary such as the fabric designed by Design Works International and printed digitally in our NYC studio by 
First2print. The main sensibility of Blurred Vision is to break the barrier between old and new to create a blend of beauty that is updated yet tasteful. The fabric we chose to print on is recycled sateen from 90% 
recycled poly yarns. I love the idea of recycling the chair frame and using a recycled fabric to print on. Connection is the key!
12. Patricia Fox
Fox offers 6 mini chairs, and then inspired by the chairs please see below she created 6 festive hats to boot!
13. Stacy Garcia
Grade school meets Art school. Starting with the prototype of her PS26 chair for Bernhardt Hospitality as a canvas, Stacy Garcia channels her roots in surface pattern design to create a one of a kind painterly plaid.  The palette combines neon pink, Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year 
Marsala and indigo blue with highlights of white and golden sepia.
 14. Jan Girard
Hassock Indochine was constructed to resemble a stack of Turkish cornered cushions.  The variety of Vlisco Indigo Batik fabrics transcends the ages.  The inspiration was to make something exotic and 
comfortable for the home.  This hassock was conceived and produced by Jan Girard & Corey Mansueto of Contract Workroom.
 15. Barry Goralnick
Magic Carpet 
original chair by Oswaldo Bersani, circa 1988
The firm’s motto “Blended Modern” takes the best of the past and integrates it with influence from the past history of design and the visual arts. This groovy chair that Howard suggested from High Style Deco, is ultra-modern and makes a big statement, but it’s also very comfortable. Taking cues from a critic who thought the slouchy shape was like a “Magic Carpet”, Goralnick found the fabric called Interpretation in Plum, at Kravet, which has a Moorish influence. The design is filtered through a modern sensibility.  They chose “Ultra Cool” for the under section of the chair, which is a shiny modern polyurethane, and provides a striking contrast to the silk.  They lined the cushion with Bengal Silk in bright orange for an unexpected peek-a-boo pop of our signature orange color, which is like the sole of a Louboutin shoe.
16a.  Lorraine Gordon with Safavieh
Started to work for Safavieh at the age of 19, Gordon has been with the company for 12 years.  She has worked her way up the ladder to become one of Safavieh's most sought after designers.  Working with clients in Paramus and Livingston NJ, She is now in their Broadway location in New York City.
 16b. Lorraine Gordon
17. Jason Oliver Nixon & John Loecke, Madcap Cottage
The Petal Pusher--floral fever takes flight in the fabulous Petal Pusher chair. The Madcap Cottage gents took Robert Allen’s Keegan armchair and re-interpreted it with fabulous floral fabrics from Robert Allen that will whisk you away to an English meadow. Note the exuberant Wild Oasis pattern in the color Spring Grass for the upholstery on the front, the Pelham House stripe also in Spring Grass on the back, the feisty Nesting 
Zigzag in Sunray on the arms and Silky Slub contrast welting in Leaf color.  The wood is a Swedish grey finish. A natural-hued nail trim brings this bodacious bouquet to life. Settle into the sublime.
 18.  Jennifer Mack & Lindsey Smith
Queen of Hearts was repurposed from an old chair found at a local Goodwill Industries thrift store.  They designed it to have an elegant look with a hint of edgy.  They thought Alice in Wonderland was a perfect example of these two concepts and embraced the theme of Queen 
of Hearts in the design. The duo used red and black velvet as the fabric, and embellished the arms with black velvet and the silver upholstery braids. To make the design come alive they embellished the back with flowers and playing cards, inspired by the Queen of Hearts from 
Alice in Wonderland.
19. Karim Rashid
the Pura Chair was designed in 1998 for Pure Design in Canada is a classic Karim Rashid design. Made from powder-coated steel and accented with Ikon perforations, the Pura collection was available in a range of bright, fluorescent hues. Fun and colorful, yet strong and sturdy, this stacking chair is the vintage embodiment of Karim’s “democratic design” ethos.  This chair has been signed by the designer and is being donated from his personal archive.
20. Esther Sadowsky
Charm & Whimsy’s interpretation of a reading chair is literally meant to be read. The seat and back are decoupage with printed content ranging from literary to weather, finance and sex. Pull up another chair 
and enjoy reading this chair.  Adjust the lamp and relax.  As Sadowsky began to pack up her apartment for a move she was inspired by a floor lamp sitting next to a folding chair. A box of books sat beside the chair and an idea was born. Why not cover the chair in reading material and attach the lamp to the chair? This makes a compact, traveling, reading chair.
21. Tamara Stephenson & Susan Young 
Runway Ready--This design duo's brand new home collection Root Cellar Designs debuted this spring after the two decorated and donated for five different philanthropic design industry events.  The design duo hails from both the interior and fashion industries and came together to make fabric, wallpaper, pillows, table linens and tea towels all inspired by the past but with modern, fresh perspectives patterns and palettes.  Many designs were originally from Susan’s dress collections and others they digitally custom created.  This chair is donned with fabric from their Fashion Forward collection and inspired by 18th century fashion illustrations.  The chair was transformed from a tired, but sturdy, classic wood chair into a sleek fashion plate with golden legs.
22. Team Habitat for Humanity
Primarily Modern B34--A Marcel Breuer B34 chair replica rescued from a W. 28th Street dumpster gets a second 
chance. Damage and missing parts left us with an iconic tubular steel frame that was asking for a remodel. Inspired by Habitat for Humanity New York City the team chose to use materials that would normally be found on a construction site. The primary colors and utilitarian nature of  plywood complement the modern spirit of the original.
23. Sara & Moncef Touijer
Charlotte's Chaise --was inspired by their love of animals and their 
importance in their own lives.  Pets become so integrated in our lives that they seem to take on human qualities. The duo wanted to play off of that idea and give them priority by making a chair of 
their own. They transformed the chair by scaling it down to pet size, painting it a fun color and adding a playful plaid fabric. Thanks go out to Robert and Helen Theilhelm for donating the 
chair and to Marco Govea for painting the chair.
24. KathArine Wood
After Midnight is created by this fine glass, enamel and tile artist.  It is a plain, no frills wooden black chair, bought in a thrift shop transformed it into a dazzling and magical chair, inspired by the night and nighttime activities.
25.  James Rixner & Caterine Wright
Recycling Chic! This stool was being 
discarded by a client because it had a broken back. The duo managed to dissemble the broken back and reupholster the seat in a fabulous fabric, giving new life to the piece.  Of particularly note is the base which is made of Acrylic Plexiglas, which lends an air of Mid Century Mystique.
This reimagined Stool will certainly add the perfect touch of glamour to your setting. A thank you to Beacon Hill for the Cheetah Velvet.  In addition, you will be able to have an element of James Rixner’s signature style to your home!
26. Sara Yengle
Grace & Chaos--This chair is the representation of grace and chaos. "Grace" is represented by the iridescent fabric on the back with large scale angel wings attached.   "Chaos" is in the graffiti -inspired 
custom designed printed fabric on the seat of the chair. This is the perfect combination to represent the balance of grace and chaos found in life.  Every design needs a little of both!

*an added bonus & thanks to designer Patricia Fox 
for these 6 creative hats inspired by 
her chair designs...

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