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Part 4: Three more days until our Take A Seat chair charity auction: more profiles of more designers creating chairs for May 14: Vanessa Deleon, Scott Hohl, Toma Clark Haines, Michael Danielsen, Evelyn Miller & Studio Mod(ish)

Three days left till our 
2nd annual Take A Seat chair 
charity auction here in New York City.  
All 28 chairs are now displayed in the 
Room & Board showroom 
at 105 Wooster Street in Soho.
With NYC&G magazine as our media sponsor, 
Room & Board showroom hosting our event and proceeds benefiting Habitat For Humanity New York, we are ready to celebrate!
I hope you will stop by and take a look at the chairs, then attend our chair charity auction 
Wednesday, May 14 from 7-9 pm.  
First, let's begin with a special thank you to 
Cameron Hughes 
who has generously agreed to donate wine & spirits!
Here's what they have to say about their company,
"Cameron Hughes is an American négociant that makes, imports, and distributes ultra-premium wine under five wine labels; The Lot SeriesHughes WellmanCameron Hughes CaliforniaGreenlip, and Zin Your Face. Our wines are nationally distributed and carried in chains, grocery, broad market (fine wine and liquor shops), on premise (restaurants and hotels) and online. The company was founded by Cameron Hughes and Jessica Kogan in 2001 for one simple reason – to bring truly exceptional wine to the market at real world prices. We do this by partnering with the finest growers and wineries in the world and delivering consistently high quality wines and the highest degree of service to our customers". 
You've met the first 21 designers (in part 1, 2 & 3), now let's meet the rest of the designers and their chairs, 
28 in total... 
23. Ellen Miller's

Evelyn Miller is the founder and owner of Evelyn M. Designs LLC, and an Allied Member of ASID. Evelyn attended the New York school of Interior Design and has a degree in Business Administration. Evelyn’s favorite designs have incorporated a theme of elegance and sophistication with beautiful silks and rich velvets on truly stunning antique pieces.  
24. Vanessa Deleon's
When Vanessa first saw the chair, the lines emulated a butterfly. With the idea of butterflies in place she searched for a butterfly print patterns and found Christian Lacroix recent line by Osborne and Little, a perfect match.  Vanessa thanks 
Chirstopher Guy
Christian Lacroix – Osborne & Little and
Eco Electrical Services, LLC 
for their generous donations

Vanessa Deleon is an interior designer, writer, award winning designer for the Italian Trade Commission, ASID & IDS entrepreneur, and television personality who is strongly inspired by her Cuban roots. While on Design Star she gained recognition for her own unique “Glamilistic” style, which she coined as a combination of glamour and streamline minimalism.  She lives by her motto, three D’s “drive, dedication and determination.”

interlocking chair in salvaged maple plywood

In Hohl Home Furnishings woodwork studio, piles of scrap plywood are commonplace and soon find themselves in the garbage dumpster.  It begs the question -- “how can we transform these small scraps, not useful for most other projects, into something of long-lasting beauty?”  The result is the Carmine Chair. Carmine is wide in the shoulder and narrow in the waist; strong and handsome; highly effective with a no-nonsense attitude. Unexpectedly easy to cozy up to, Scott created the chair from salvaged maple plywood.  The chair is simple, strong, visually striking and comfortable.  
 Scott Hohl has been designing and building his entire life.  An early love for wood has stayed with him throughout his career and continues to be the main material in which he works.  His work is heavily influenced by mid-twentieth century furniture. Clean and simple, Scott’s designs often have an interlocking, puzzle-like quality.  Scott founded and runs Hohl Home Furnishings, a furniture and millwork company based in NYC and specializing in modern wooden furniture and woodwork for homes and retail spaces. 
All Hohl Home pieces are proudly made in the USA by local craftsmen.  Please find him on Twitter @Scotthohl or Facebook HohlHomeFurnshing 

26. Toma Clark Haines, The Antiques Diva

Toma Clark Haines is The Antiques Diva® - owner of Europe’s largest antiques touring and sourcing company. For her “Take a Seat” chair-ity donation Toma went classic French donating a period piece from circa 1760! This  Louis XV Rococo Upholstered Beechwood Fauteuil is older than America!  Choosing not to embellish it too much, Toma Clark Haines explains this chair is Classic, Elegant and Traditional! 
Toma thinks this chair should be titled, IT TAKES A VILLAGE!  Here's the serendipitous, inspiring story:
Alan Rauta of Cromatti attended the Design Bloggers Conference in Atlanta and won the $5000 grand prize donated by Michael Bruno of 1st Dibs.  Alan said the main thing he learned about blogging was that blogging was about sharing – and thus – he donated $1000 to 4 of the bloggers he met at the conference whom he found most inspirational.  Toma was honored to be one of those bloggers, and decided to donate a portion of her prize to purchasing a chair from 1st Dibs.  Wanting to source locally in the United States Toma turned to 1st DibsTrace Mayer  and purchased the Louis XV chair that epitomized The Antiques Diva Style and donated it to Take A Seat.   Trace upon hearing the story offered Toma a substantial discount off the purchase price to make this donation possible. A community came together to make this donation possible!
27. Michael Danielsen's

Michael has taken a simple utilitarian chair and transformed it into a work of art. The chair's frame has a mollusk crustacean base with a metallic pearl 
opalescent glaze and is finished with a beautiful gold and silver silk upholstered seat. 
Michael Danielsen is a celebrated textile designer and artist who works and resides in New York City.  A true artist at heart, Michael has been painting and experimenting with different mediums since he was in his late teens. His chair demonstrates true originality and is unique, reflecting his ability to conceive, create and execute. *a special thank you to Nancy and Kathy from "Its Simply Beautiful" for contributing the beautiful fabric.

28. Caty Tillman/Darlene Chimaliro of Mod(ish)'s 
fashionable, stylish, chic, modern, contemporary, up-to-the-minute, fly (ish): classic, timeless, livable, eclectic chair!
Studio MOD(ish) is a high-end, full service Interior Design Studio located just outside Washington DC whose company is founded on the 
principles of great design, true friendship and mutual respect; meaning exciting projects they are proud of, a fun environment, and the added bonus of delightful clients. If you’d like to join the fun check them out on Instagram @studiomodish 
There you have it in four separate posts - profiles of all 28 designers and artists and a glimpse of their chair.  We truly hope to see you 
on Wednesday evening, and please order tickets HERE!

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